May’s Strawberry Lemonade | AdvancedGG

May’s Strawberry Lemonade | AdvancedGG

May’s Strawberry Lemonade | AdvancedGG


It is spring and the summer is fast approaching! Nothing gets us into the spirit of the time of year than with some fresh lemonade. With Advanced GG though, let’s take your normal lemonade and let’s kick it up a notch. Turn your favorite gamer supplement into a refreshing beverage! 

Have you tried the newest Focus flavor by Advanced GG called GoodGameBro Strawberry Lemonade? If not, what are you waiting for? 

Ingredients :

Scoop of Advanced GG GoodGameBro Strawberry Lemonade Focus


Your favorite lemonade! (I used Country Time)

Optional: Frozen strawberries

Your Favorite Advanced GG Shaker


Take your favorite Advanced GG shaker cup and fill it with your desired amount of ice. 

Add a scoop of that amazing gaming nootropic GoodGameBro Strawberry Lemonade Focus powder into your supplement shaker

Instead of water, use your favorite lemonade.

Shake that shaker cup until all powder is dissolved. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your refreshing drink! 

*Bonus - substitute frozen strawberries for ice for an even more delicious drink! 

Did you try the recipe? Please post photos on social media and tag @advancedgg so we can see your creation!

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