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Sign up for the ADVANCED Ambassador Program and join an exclusive community that celebrates passion, drive and success.


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Inspire and Earn

Turn passion into profit with a 10% sales commission.

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Discounts on the gear keeping you ahead of the game and the grind.

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You could get featured on our site or socials. Fame, baby!

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Already adding up points? This could put them into overdrive.

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Snag some goodies before the public and help come up with new flavor ideas!

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Nab exclusive merch because a badass Ambassador (badassador?) should look the part.

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Collaborate with the ADVANCED team and other like-minded creators to grow your platform.

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Early access to upcoming products, since you're part of the in-crowd now.

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VIP access to live pop-up events for that next-level ADVANCED experience.

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Strengthening content creation skills unlocks opportunities, like Partner status (which comes with other cool perks). 

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Whether you're an athlete, content creator or active community member, use your network, creativity and passion to spread the word!

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As an Ambassador, you'll champion a lifestyle of peak performance for your community. You'll be the face of a movement about getting things done and crushing goals.



Yes. You don't have to buy anything and you're under no pressure to spend your hard-earned money on ADVANCED products – but you'll get a pretty decent discount for yourself!

You should have an active community, averaging 5 or more concurrent viewers on platforms like Twitch, Kik, YouTube, Facebook and others. TikTok streamers must have at least 10 concurrent viewers.

But numbers aren't everything – we're looking for real engagement.

Not quite – there's also a vibe check. We review every application to ensure Ambassadors align with our brand values. While we love enthusiasm, signing up does not guarantee acceptance.

We we look for

You have a thirst for knowledge, innovation and positive transformation. You value companies and products with quality, transparency and integrity. You know ADVANCED works, tastes great, and has the right ingredients – and you think your friends would agree.

As an ADVANCED Ambassador, you’ll be the face of a brand committed to excellence and empowering individuals to unlock their potential.

We embrace authentic, quality content that aligns with our image and resonates with our audiences.

If your viewers are interested in what you have to say about gaming, fitness, nutrition or just hustling, chances are they’d also be into ADVANCED. Your mission is to (continue to) motivate, engage and empower.

But keep it clean. No spam, extremism, or inappropriate content. We’re looking to engage, not enrage.

Additional Info

Ambassadors enjoy total independence while reaping their rewards. Our team isn't large enough to assign a rep to everyone, so it's like being a Partner without the one-to-one guidance. You're responsible for flexing the brand's essence as only you can.

But if you're looking to step up your involvement, excelling as an Ambassador could be your pathway to Partner status someday!

Ambassadors get a 10% discount Fan Code for the community and a 25% personal-use discount code, exclusive to ambassadors!

Earn a 10% commission on every sale made through your link/code, paid monthly via PayPal.

The sky's the limit! There's no cap on the number of potential Ambassadors. Our goal is to grow a true community together.