Spring Smoothie Recipe with Kacki's Kiwi Lime Focus

Spring Smoothie Recipe with Kacki's Kiwi Lime Focus

Spring Smoothie Recipe | ADVANCEDgg

We all love and enjoy our ADVANCEDgg. It gets us through those long and crazy hyped up streams, gets up through study sessions, and even gets us through the work day. But sometimes, we just want to do some more with it on some days where we may have some extra time in our day. 

I have been a fan of ADVANCEDgg for years. It has gotten me through crazy work days and late night study sessions. I started to experiment with different ways of enjoying my favorite gaming supplements and I am excited to share some of these recipes with you every month. 

For our first recipe, I am excited to share with you my Spring Smoothie Recipe!

Ingredients :

Scoop of Kacki’s Kiwi Lime Focus


Strawberry Yogurt

Approx ¼ cup of Spinach

Approx ¼ cup of Kale

Almond Milk - Vanilla Unsweetened.


Your clear ADVANCEDgg Shaker so that you can see the amazing green!



First I took my blender cup and added about 6 cubes of ice. Then I scooped out the strawberry yogurt and put it into the blender cup. I added the spinach and kale and packed it into the cup. I then added the almond milk to the max fill line. I then added a scoop of the ADVANCEDgg Kacki’s Kiwi Lime Focus to the very top. I covered the blender cup with the blender lid and blended it for about one minute - one and half minutes until everything was fully blended. 


Add smoothie to your clear focus cup, add your favorite straw if it is a little on the thick side, take your best selfie and enjoy!



*There are some different adjustments that you can make if you would like, for example, adding a banana, switching out the strawberry yogurt for vanilla yogurt. If you are not a fan of kale, take that out. Make the recipe your own! 

Did you try the recipe? Please post photos on social media and tag @advancedgg so we can see your creation! 


Also, if you are a big fan of GoodGameBro Strawberry Lemonade Focus , I suggest stocking up for May's recipe! 


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