June's Strawbana Smoothie | AdvancedGG

June's Strawbana Smoothie | AdvancedGG

June's Strawbana Smoothie | AdvancedGG

There is something about the summer time where a refreshing fruit smoothie helps kickstart your day over that warm cup of coffee. Your fruit smoothie game has gotten WAY cooler when you add the AMAZING (and probably my newest favorite) ADVANCEDgg Focus flavor, TravelDanielle's Strawbana. The team at ADVANCED are doing an amazing job creating these amazing nootropic gaming supplements.


DID YOU KNOW THAT IT IS SUGAR FREE TOO? Yes, that is in all CAPS for a reason. Typically anything that is sugar free has a strange taste to it. You will not find that with these amazing gaming supplements! 

Let's get down to the recipe so you can try this yourself!

Ingredients :

Scoop of Advanced GG TravelDanielle's Strawbana Focus

Ice - About 5-6 cubes or to your preference

Frozen Strawberries (approximately 1/4 cup)

Banana - Depending on the size of your shaker, either go whole or half. I used whole in this recipe

Strawberry Yogurt - single serve cup

Vanilla Almond Milk - Approximately 1/2 Cup (Varies by blender) 

Your Favorite Advanced GG Shaker




Add desired amount of ice to your blender. 

Add a scoop of that amazing gaming nootropic TravelDanielle's Strawbana to your blender

Add 1/4 cup of frozen strawberries to the blender as well as your banana. Then add the yogurt. 

Fill vanilla almond milk to max fill line - approximately 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup depending on your blender. 

Enjoy the pretty colors of the ingredients in your blender before you start to blend:

Blend ingredients for at least a minute, or until your desired thickness and everything is completely blended. 

Once everything is blended, pour that amazing mixture into your favorite ADVANCEDgg shaker. Admire how beautiful it looks, then sit back, and enjoy drinking your refreshing smoothie!

*Tip - Typically the more frozen items you use to make your smoothie, the thicker it will be. I personally like having frozen berries on hand since they last longer in my household than fresh fruit, but if you prefer fresh fruit, use that! 

Also - you can always substitute any ingredients! Example, if you do not like almond milk, use coconut milk, soy milk, or regular milk. Same goes for yogurt, try using Greek yogurt or a different flavor! Make it yours!

Did you try the recipe? Please post photos on social media and tag @advancedgg so we can see your creation!

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