Mango Splash Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Mango Splash Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Everyone could use a little help to make their mornings easier. Trying to juggle home life, work life, and whatever else life throws at you these days can be overwhelming! AdvancedGG can help with that.

AdvancedGG is a gaming supplement company to produce products that do exactly as they are advertised. When I initially decided to try them, it was to help me focus up for Trials of Osiris. Then a funny thing happened. I started incorporating their products into my daily routine, and noticed tremendous differences in my daily energy. 

When I ordered my first tub of Mango Splash, I figured that it would go well with other flavors. When I got my hands on it and tried how good it was on its own, I got really excited to see what I could create! I wanted to start incorporating it into my daily breakfast routine as a way to hit all of my nutritional needs, and keep me energized, all in one glass. 

What I realized was while Mango Splash is great on its own, it's even better with a little help from Strawberry Shortcake Energy. Not only do the flavors compliment each other, balancing the mixture of Focus and Energy is perfect for work life, and gaming! 

I put one scoop of each into my morning protein shakes, and I'm out the door fully energized through lunchtime. 

Want to make this for yourself? You're in luck. Check the recipe out below! 


Recipe as shown: 

x1 Scoop AdvancedGG Mtashed Mango Splash Focus

x1 Scoop AdvancedGG Strawberry Shortcake Energy 

x1 Serving of Protein Powder (Strawberry or Vanilla is best) 

8 ounces of Almond/Cashew milk

8 ounces of Kefir Milk (cultured milk with probiotics)

1/2 cup frozen mango

1/2 cup frozen strawberries 



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