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Taste like actual strawberry banana!

Focus 2.0™ - CracK3d Korean Apple - Jar

I havnt gotten it yet

i ordered it about a month ago

The best flavor!

This is by far the best flavor I've ever had!

2 Scoops = Flawless in Destiny 2

Hi there chump. If you were like me an are now reading reviews you can stop because this about to tell you all you need to know.
A few months ago I was struggling to get that positive K/D/A, but after 2 scoops of Focus 2.0TM Fruit’s Cherry Limeade in 16 oz of water will have the turns tabling. My reflexes grew past my mortal bounds and made me turn my slow sensitivity from 8 to a fast 20. Now I hit them 360 no scopes like it’s the job I was meant for. Never again will I teabag out of anger when I finally get that one assist from the dude that’s killed me 20 times over. Now I can teabag to assert my dominance over these low socioeconomic peasants.
Buy. Consume. Obliterate. Send to Shadow Realm. 4 easy steps waiting for you

Really good!

I've tried the mtashed, Mr fruit, aztecross, and sird. This one is my favorite so far.

Sparked Energy

Something I can always turn to in the afternoon as a sort of sweet way of getting my energy levels back up and back to what I want to do.
Getting different ways and mix recipes of how to change up the way I can drink it also helps not let it get boring and keeps me wanting to drink more of it.

This got me hooked!

This flavor brought me into the company. With a strong (not overbearing) fruit punch flavor, Dream Team Punch brings a fruity taste to my mornings. Each of the many tubs I have ordered of this flavor have all tasted the exact same, which is a good thing! I highly recommend this flavor, as it is definitely my favorite one (so far)!

Wonderful Flavor

Favorite flavor i’ve tried so far. Does not give a powdery taste whatsoever

Best cup!

I use this cup everyday! For water, for advanced gg. It’s all around the best shaker I’ve had. I love advanced!

This way better frost berry

Focus 2.0™ – Electric Frost Berry - Jar


I love this flavor


Overpriced, has a distinct chalky flavor that ruins the taste. Would not ever buy again.

Great Product!!!

It's fantastic I use it for gg quick protein shakes etc. The only thing is that the seal flips and releases ever so often. You know what 5 star literally I use it everyday.


Amazing stuff

Mtashed Mango Splash Sachet
Celondiu St Louis
It never came in the mail

twice I ordered samples and they never came

Focus 2.0™ – Fruit's Cherry Limeade - Jar

Focus 2.0™ - GGB Strawberry Lemonade - Jar

Focus 2.0™ - SirD's Sour Watermelon - Jar

D stands for delicious

The sour watermelon flavor gives me the perfect boost of energy in my day, not to mention it tastes great! Definitely ordering more next time!

Focus 2.0™ - SirD's Sour Watermelon - Jar

Focus 2.0™ – Fruit's Cherry Limeade - Jar

Energy - Dream Team Punch - Jar
Ryan (RYNO) Vandeventer
Top Tier Stuff!

Advanced Focus and Energy are hands down the best gaming supplements out there. Tastes amazing and doesn’t have a chalky taste.


It smells fantastic but when drinking, the flavor can get a little tart. I want to try some different flavors to get more range of flavor.