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Cherry limeade is bomb!

I purchased this hoping for an alternative to Gfuel (which I don’t really like and bought 12 tubs of) Cherry Limeade, I’m a sucker for limeade in general and for being a gaming supplement I went all in. I finished the 20 serving tub so quickly I had to try a new flavor. Great Brand so far.

Da Bomb

Quite tasty, usually after I have to wake up for work at 3am and finisher around 4pm I have two scoops post quick nap and am able to get some good energy with out feeling any crash.

Amazing flavor!

When I saw that this product had a lot of high reviews, I didn’t think the flavor payoff would be that great because I don’t gravitate towards cherry limeade but holy crap! THE FLAVOR IS AMAZING! I didn’t think it would be such an intense fruity flavor and I expected it to be more watered down but it tastes just like my favorite slushy! This is hands down my favorite flavor!

Great effect

I really enjoyed the effects of Focus, the only thing I wish were different is a lower caffeine content. A recommended dose is 200 mg, I think you should cut it in half. I usually only used half scoops per shaker bottle, which made it go a long way, yes, but I wish I could have more of the active ingredient at a lower caffeine content.

Best flavor I tried so far.

Great for removing brain fog- no crash

I really love this product. I work multiple jobs and had started forgetting things, and having a lot of "brain fog" issues from switching gears so often. Focus 2.0 helps me..well...FOCUS. I don't feel like I just pounded 2 energy drinks and need to jump around, I just feel a lot more clear and able to keep everything straight. No crashing, either! And I really appreciate that this feedback form came as I was finishing the container, and not before I even receive the product like most companies have it set. Tastes great, no chalky flavor (I shake it up in my Revival shaker so it's good and mixed!) or weird aftertaste. I think I'll try the grape next!

The perfect boost

Gets me focused for school in the morning and have the energy to get through work immediately after and then fueled my late night gaming sessions. Has been an absolute life saver

Focus 2.0™ – G1 Gummi Bear - Jar

Focus 2.0™ – Fruit's Cherry Limeade - Jar

New favorite shaker!

I have a lot of shakers but my Advancedgg shaker is by far my favorite! Not to mention the fantastic mango focus that I drink from it


Delicious and the mix really helped me i did dramatically better in pvp, i usually am on the bottom half of the leaderboard, and i was the top player of 3 different iron banner matches vs different opponents after i drank some advanced. Definitely worth it if you can afford it.

Love it

Favorite flavor and I will be getting more

Mtashed Mango

Good quality product, tasted amazing, helped me quit my habit of drinking monster, left me feeling energized and feeling better than before drinking

Great at what it does!

I bought the sample pack because I was looking for a product to help me focus not just with games but with school as well.

I tried the cherry limeade first. The taste was ok but I'm a bit biased because I'm typically not a fan of limeade. I used the full sample pack to feel the full effect. I must say that you do definitely feel something different. Almost like I could feel the focus running through my veins! It was a pretty awesome experience and exactly what I was looking for in a product like this!

I used the Mango Splash the next day and while I absolutely hate mango flavored things, this product was very delicious! Using cold water with the Mango Splash provided such a refreshing drink with the same effects as the Cherry Limeade!

The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is because of the lack of flavors to sample.

Once the samples were finished, I was quick to buy a full tub of Focus! I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a boost in focus but without all the sugary additives you see in other types of these drinks!

Help me stay awake and I did not have the Jitters from drinking it like energy drinks do

Pretty good energy drink

It's pretty good with 2 servings you get some good energy didn't really notice any improvement in my gaming but it's quite good as just a energy drink but it's kinda expensive and a little chalky but pretty solid energy drink

Love it!

The shaker is such a good size, very comfortable for a portion. The MTash Mango is probably my favorite and benefits INCREDIBLY by mixing it with some sparkling water. GG is a lot less cloyingly sweet than other gamer juice's I've tried.

Unexpectedly good!

I'd read the reviews, heard Fruit talk about it himself, and i wasn't sure what to expect myself, so I got one of those sets with this and the Mtashed mango splash flavour and I decided after the first sip that I *had* to order a full tub. After I finished the drink, whether it was playing games or drawing, I was noticing that my performance increased.

I have ADHD and take meds for it every morning to help me with concentrating on things and this just feels like it has that effect but in a way that also gives you continuous energy!

I am honestly amazed at how much it helped, and i cannot wait to use it more in the future!

Absolutely Amazing!!

I got this as a Christmas gift and was super excited. It tastes great and it is super effective. I feel more awake and perform better in whatever I do, whether its gaming, working out, studying and even taking exams.

Tastes great and arrived quickly

I bought this because I was in the market for a new kind of energy drink without an insane amount of caffeine. I've been a fan of Mr. Fruit for awhile now and I only wish I had found his channel sooner. Mr. Fruit's cherry limeade tastes great and I highly recommend you to try it.

One of my Favorites

Honestly this is my favorite supplement product out there of this kind. The ingredients are top notch which is why it's a bit more expensive than the competition but you really do get what you pay for in this case, and for me I notice the difference. I drink this almost daily usually as a pre-workout be it going to the gym or a long cycling ride, and I really like it for that kind of use case (even if that's not it's intended use). It ain't cheap, but this really is an example of top quality and top tier product, so I don't have any real complaints on that front.

As far as taste I personally find this a bit too sweet, which I think I'm in the minority on. I would have have liked a little more tangy lime flavor but it's not a deal breaker, I've purchased this product a few times now. It mixes very well, it's not chalky, I'll do about 14-13oz of water top the shaker with some ice and kind of give it a cocktail kind of shake and it comes out perfect every time.

Great product

The taste is fantastic! Good, clean energy with no crash. A bit out of my budget range but its understandable considering the ingredients seem to be pretty high quality.

Very Good

Very Pogger's


I love the colors and it’s all around a great product