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I’ve only had 3 flavors. The gummy bear one, this and the dream team punch. Rocket pop was the best flavor. The dream team punch is the best fruit punch I’ve ever had. The gummy bear one was eh, idk if I just needed to put more water, which I will, but it had an odd texture too it, idk

Great Flavor

flavor is spot on! very refreshing!

Its alright taste great but didn't really get a boost or anything from it


Best thing I have ever drank, nice flavor, mixes well, tons of energy definitely will order again.

Focus 2.0™ - Splitgate Rocket Pop - Jar
Michael Merritt Jr Merritt

Focus 2.0™ - Splitgate Rocket Pop - Jar

Never recieved my produce.

I'm still showing the shipping of the product sitting at your location.

Definitely Helps Me Focus

This is NOT a medical recommendation nor am I a medical professional of ANY kind, but this Focus formula really helps me get stuff done when I’m working on content & assets behind the scenes of my stream. Did realize that I can’t take it for work though. Too much movement makes me jittery becuase I can’t sit and focus on something. It’s like gears are trying to move but a stick is in between them.

Great intro into Energy kit

I have been interested in testing out the Energy flavors for a while now and the starter kit is a great way to do it. you get a sample of 4/5 flavors and a shaker to get you going. This is great cost effective way to see if any of the energy flavors are to your liking. Only complaint I have is they don't have a variety starter kit like this for their Focus line.

A wonderful flavor and great shaker!

Genuinely this has to be my favorite brand drink ever! The energy from advanced gg is so clean that there's never any jitters or crashing after drinking some. It mixes extremely well and I can't wait to make this a normal part of my day!

Took to long to get

Taste good but took to long to get and had to reorder it

Focus 2.0™ - traveldanielle's Strawbana - Jar

Great flavor great energy

I’m usually not a fan of powdered drinks but this mixes so well. I don’t get a crash. I feel energized. The flavor is delicious!

Sour cherry

By far one of the best flavors


Shipping was great. Flavors are amazing and can definitely see increased energy. Shaker is so cute and works very well. 🧡 it.

Best flavor hands down

This is easily there best flavor it taste like a sour cherry sucker if you love cherry flavored things this is the flavor for you

Buffpup Starter Kit
Samuel Webb
Great value and delicious

Shipped quickly, all the flavors were delicious, and the shaker is nice. Well worth it. Best part was the cute Buffpup sticker.

Excellent Product with one small gripe

I really love this shaker, the color, the custom design, the build quality! My only small issue (and this may just be a slight defect with my specific shaker) is that occasionally a couple drops can leak out where the lid meets the cup. It doesn't always happen, but it does sometimes. Other than that though I'm very pleased with the shaker

I never received it

never got it

Energy - Dream Team Punch - Jar

ADV 2.0 Mint/White Ombre x Ice Shaker Premium 26oz Shaker

Still have not received my order

I have had attempted to get this ordered delivered and completed multiple times and after a month and a half it still has not arrived.

30 day survey

This is the best i have used, it has taken its place as my main source of caffeine, i would have never tried it unless active from twitch suggested it.

Vernnotice ADV x Ice Shaker Premium 26oz Shaker

ADV 2.0 Jersey
Jacob Smith
Never received

Still have yet to revive put ticket in weeks ago still no word

Best Flavor

Please keep this flavor around….it’s by far the best next to Frost. I kept trying to find a predominant flavor but it was so well balanced that I physically can’t. It’s definitely bomb pop. Fruity but mostly berries, best served as cold as you can get it.