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Focus 2.0 - Playfull Duo Sampler Pack
Focus 2.0 - Playfull Duo Sampler Pack

Focus 2.0 - Playfull Duo Sampler Pack


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Focus 2.0 uses a patented, non-stimulant, nutritional ingredient that boosts cognitive performance and energy in esports athletes.

This ingredient is comprised of two components: Bonded Arginine Silicate combined with an additional dose of inositol.

Found at high levels in the brain, inositol is known for its important role in brain health and function.

Focus 2.0 uses the first dietary ingredient of its kind to be clinically studied in esports athletes in an effort to demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

Clinical research has shown that a single dose of Focus 2.0 can significantly improve: 

    • Processing Speed
    • Executive Function
    • Energy
    • Accuracy

* While the active ingredient described above is not a stimulant - Focus does include a dose of caffeine in its formula.

Here's your chance to give our world-famous formula and flavors a whirl before committing to a whole jar!

--> Each sachet contains 2 servings. 
--> If you want the clinically proven esports performance benefits you need to consume 2 servings at once

Mix half of the sachet with 8oz of ice-cold water or the entire sachet with 16oz of ice-cold water.

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