GoodGameBro's Super Bowl 2022 Prediction

GoodGameBro's Super Bowl 2022 Prediction

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GoodGameBro's Big Game 2022 Prediction

Feb. 13th 2022 at 6:30 PM ET the biggest sports competition in the world takes place. We’re of course talking about THE Super Bowl.

We had the opportunity to do a quick interview with one of the most well-versed sports fans in the gaming and esports community, GoodGameBro AKA GGB.

Additionally, GGB is one of the largest Facebook Gaming streamers in the world currently with over 300,000 followers. You can check him out here

The first question we asked him was, “What’s your general outlook on the 56th edition of the Big Game?”

GGB: “For the first time in a very long time, there’s a Super Bowl where I don’t have a team that I’m focused on cheering for or against. Great storylines across the board and we actually have a Super Bowl halftime show that I don’t hate... We’re seeing great storylines of young coaches matching up, players that are late in their career with a chance to win a Super Bowl & of course, Joe Burrow’s incredible rise.  Sidenote, Detroit has even more of a reason to root for the Super Bowl because of Stafford and Eminem and their association with Detroit.”

The second question we asked was, “What do you think of each team specifically and how they got to the Super Bowl this year?”


GGB: “I was actually secretly betting on the Bengals to go all the way but I kept it to myself because I wasn’t 100% sure deep down if it was possible. When I saw that the Bengals were going to win the division I thought had a small feeling of maybe there’s a chance, but I was still doubtful.. Joe Burrow coming in as a rookie and not getting an offensive lineman in the draft has caused a ton of controversy leading to this point. Everyone was critical that they drafted Chase over the options on the offensive line, but hey, this is why NFL GMs do what they do & why we’re just fans. 

LA Rams are the Yankees or the early 90’s 49ers in the sense that they spent a ton of money & resources to build the  perfect team. Matthew Stafford was picked up by the Rams in a slam dunk trade for Jared Goff plus draft pick and compensation. Them picking Odell Beckham Jr. was a HUGE pickup as well as Von Miller. They have the GREATEST defensive player in the league, Aaron Donald, who is a match-up nightmare for every team. Additionally, to back up Aaron on defense, they have Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey. All of the moves that they’ve made over the last 2-3 seasons have brought forth the perfect storm of players where they can probably make a run next season as well.”


The last question we’re all waiting for is, “Who do you think is going to win and what is your final score prediction?”


GGB: “First off, I have no bias or direct stake in either of the teams. The tight ends, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd will step up. Ja'Marr Chase will probably be a decoy because he’s going to have all eyes on him including THE best cornerback in the league in Jalen Ramsey.  My gut tells me that it’ll be Bengals 27-24 with their kicker Evan McPherson hitting a field goal to win the game as time expires and their storybook season has a fairytale ending!!



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