Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar
Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar
Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar

Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar

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Rick Kackis's very own flavor!  Rick Kackis was an integral part of the formulation of this flavor!  Don't be fooled by other "content creator flavors" - Rick Kackis literally helped develop this flavor to his liking with you in mind!

Focus 2.0 uses a patented, non-stimulant, nutritional ingredient that boosts cognitive performance and energy in esports athletes.

This ingredient is comprised of two components: Bonded Arginine Silicate combined with an additional dose of inositol.

Found at high levels in the brain, inositol is known for its important role in brain health and function.

Focus 2.0 uses the first dietary ingredient of its kind to be clinically studied in esports athletes in an effort to demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

Clinical research has shown that a single two-scoop dose of Focus 2.0 (Due to nooLVL™) can significantly improve:

    • Processing Speed
    • Executive Function
    • Energy
    • Accuracy

* While the active ingredient described above is not a stimulant - Focus does include a dose of caffeine in its formula.


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Bryan Comeaux

Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar

Michael Markland

Focus 2.0™ - Kackis Kiwi Lime - Jar

Brandin Ware
It's good

Taste is on point and the product does just what it's supposed to. I've already bought this flavor twice.

Isaac McCutcheon
What’s going on guys Rick cactus here with an advanced gig focus flavor but just before that….

It’s Kackis flavor… buy it if you want to be a slick cactus.

Jacob Chandler

Kackis kiwi lime has a amazing taste too it and as will as a great after tast only thing I wish was better was shipping to be a little faster other then that a great product all around