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nooLVL™ Clinically Proven For Esports

What is nooLVL and why is Focus by AdvancedGG different than all other Gaming Supplements on the market?

Historically, supplements formulated for gaming have generally focused on a few basic categories of ingredients: stimulants, nootropics, and antioxidants. Caffeine, tyrosine, fruit and veggie extracts, these all seem to be unanimous across the industry due to a general understanding that these are the ingredients that work. It’s unlikely that the thousands, if not millions, of users, would continue to buy these products if they didn’t work in some way, but it’s important to understand why they work, and how this category can be improved overall through innovation and direct clinical study.


There is no doubt that data surrounding these popular ingredient categories points to an improved experience during gaming sessions. Stimulants provide the user with energy and a sense of alertness that would allow anyone to feel more alert and focused while staying up later in the night to practice their skills. Nootropics are a little more nuanced in that these usually come in the form of neurotransmitter precursors like alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine which is used to create more acetylcholine. The theory is that more neurotransmitters can lead to more effective neural signaling. Finally, antioxidants are a common addition because then you can use buzzwords like “superfood” and “removing free radicals”. These are great claims and good for general health and clarity, but their translation directly to gaming is fleeting at best. 


Recently, however, a new ingredient has joined the market. nooLVL is the trademark name for an ingredient by Nutrition 21 which contains a bonded arginine silicate and inositol. It is one-of-a-kind in that it is not a stimulant, nor a neurotransmitter precursor, but has been clinically tested specifically in gamers playing actual games to be effective.

This test (1), carried out on 60 men and women who play video games a minimum of five hours per week, was able to show that a week of consumption of nooLVL leads to improvements in a wide range of cognitive tests as well as mood states compared to subjects who consumed a placebo. These tests included a Trail Making Test, whereby users try to quickly draw a line from dots labeled “1” to “A” to “2” to “B” and so on all the way to “26” and “Z”. In the same study, players were given the Stroop Test. This is when players are given a word on a card. The word is the name of a color, but the font is a different color than that of the word. For example, the word would be “blue” but written in the color red. The player’s job is to say the color of the text, not the word that is written. Players who had consumed NooLvl performed better in both of these tests compared to those given a placebo.


Understanding how this translates to games is important. Gaming, in many situations, is a skill tied to working memory or the mind’s ability to keep track of a range of factors at once and take them into account when making decisions. Players need to understand the greater objective of a game as well as the more granular tasks at hand. Players also need to make these constant decisions as quickly as possible due to the importance of efficiency due to the high level of play present at the highest levels of competition. 

The biochemistry of nooLVL is what makes this all so interesting. Instead of being a stimulant, or neurotransmitter, or even some magic mushroom, nooLVL is actually a vasodilator.* That’s right. Initially created to help athletes increase blood flow and pump in the gym, nooLVL has been shown to increase blood flow around the body as well as the brain.* The main ingredient is arginine bonded to a silicate with the addition of inositol. Arginine has been used as a blood flow enhancer for decades, but the problem has always remained that our gut contains an enzyme called “arginase” that breaks it down before it can enter the bloodstream. Thanks to the silicate, arginine can enter the blood and enhance a cycle that releases nitric oxide (NO). NO is used as a signaling molecule which causes blood vessels to relax, thus allowing for greater flow.*


There’s so much more we have to learn about how blood flow can enhance players’ cognition and working memory, but for now, it’s exciting to learn that we can improve their ability to compete with such confidence. Focus by Advanced is the first product on the market to use nooLVL and thus it is the first product to have clinical data that directly supports its use in gaming. When gamers are looking to be at the top of their game for every competition, Advanced wants to do the same. Consume the best, be the best. 


  1. Tartar, J. L., Kalman, D., & Hewlings, S. (2019). A Prospective Study Evaluating the Effects of a Nutritional Supplement Intervention on Cognition, Mood States, and Mental Performance in Video Gamers. Nutrients, 11(10), 2326.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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