To put it simply, Advanced™ is a gaming supplement company with a mission to produce only innovative products that work—products that do exactly as advertised. Unlike leading brands who crutch on marketing gimmicks, we feel that if you produce quality products they will in turn sell themselves. Advanced™ is a U.S. based company operated by gamers and experts in the dietary supplement industry.

Currently, Advanced™ offers two varieties of supplements; both of which, are designed specifically for esport professionals, everyday gamers, or those who stare at a screen for hours a day.

FOCUS™: Our signature product, is the most effective nootropic energy formula in gaming.

In partnership with some of the world’s leading chemists, FOCUS™ is the result of countless hours of formulating and rigorous testing. We have created the perfect nootropic energy drink. Not only is FOCUS™ better tasting and healthier than your average canned energy drink, it contains cutting-edge nootropics that have been proven to enhance cognitive performance. That’s why FOCUS™ is trusted by top esport athletes around the world.

CHILL™: The first nootropic relaxing formula created for gamers.

Being gamers ourselves and studying the gaming industry for years, we realized that there’s a need for a product that can help you relax and feel good after a long day of intense gaming or work at the office. Sometimes, you just need to chill and have fun without being so serious. The CHILL™ formula follows the same Advanced™ standards of being great-tasting, healthy, and effective.